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ESP KH-2 Electrical Guitar Reexamine: Drive the Lightning

ESP KH-2 Reexamine

For whom the guitar tolls?

In this ESP KH-2 reexamine, you’ll acquire well – nigh the flagship guitar of the ESP Kirk Hammett Touch Serial. It was produced established along specs personally quested past Hammett, retentive-time star guitar musician for slam-metal initiates Metallica.

Hammett has ran ESP guitars for twelvemonths, and is credibly the fellowship’s most fountainhead-lived fanboy.

The KH-2 is a agio electrical guitar example cunning in Japan, and established along the pilot ESP m-ii pattern. Kirk’s changes admit the sleek negro pattern, blandish fretboard spoke, supernumerary-elephantine frets, and skull-and-crams inlays.

ESP besides offerings a special-version Vintage adaptation.

You may besides be concerned in two guitar examples rather exchangeable to the KH-2 (but importantly inexpensive) uncommitted through the ESP LTD trace. They are the ESP LTD KH-602 and KH-202.

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