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ESP KH-2 Electrical Guitar Reexamine: Drive the Lightning

ESP KH-2 Reexamine

For whom the guitar tolls?

In this ESP KH-2 reexamine, you’ll acquire well – nigh the flagship guitar of the ESP Kirk Hammett Touch Serial. It was produced established along specs personally quested past Hammett, retentive-time star guitar musician for slam-metal initiates Metallica.

Hammett has ran ESP guitars for twelvemonths, and is credibly the fellowship’s most fountainhead-lived fanboy.

The KH-2 is a agio electrical guitar example cunning in Japan, and established along the pilot ESP m-ii pattern. Kirk’s changes admit the sleek negro pattern, blandish fretboard spoke, supernumerary-elephantine frets, and skull-and-crams inlays.

ESP besides offerings a special-version Vintage adaptation.

You may besides be concerned in two guitar examples rather exchangeable to the KH-2 (but importantly inexpensive) uncommitted through the ESP LTD trace. They are the ESP LTD KH-602 and KH-202.

Macho Pedestrian – Artist Limelight

We’re agitated to introduction a recently lineament called the Artist Limelight. The finish is to reflect a alight along some artists we find are worth your time to get to know a minuscule sound.

And we’re going to recoil matters away with the criminally underestimated Macho Pedestrian.

Every nowadays and so you meet an artist, and question why they aren’t way more democratic. And Macho Pedestrian is at the acme of our tilt, though he has surely hammered away a solid calling.

But yet if you’re recitation this clause cerebration, who the perdition is Macho Pedestrian, odds are you’ve tried a sung that he’s had a mitt in composition, transcription or creating, someplace on the trace. (more…)

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