Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review – What You Need to Know

Gull S6 Pilot Acoustic Guitar Reexamine – What You Need to Know

Gull S6 Reexamine

We all know that the most significant lineament of a guitar is how it fathoms. And that’s just where the Gull s6 zooms supra the contest.

In this Gull S6 reexamine, you’ll acquire well – nigh its heavy, chant and progress character, the professionals and victimizes, and whether this is the compensate acoustic guitar for you.

Because if you’re cerebration well – nigh getting a recently acoustic, the Gull s6 should decidedly be along your radar.

You’ll strike that due to its outstanding heavy, high-character craft, and excellent overall value, it shuffles a finely selection for both submission-stratum and intermediate guitarists, and is one of the sound acoustic guitars presently uncommitted in this price array.

I’ll besides take a spirit at respective variances of the S6, admitting slender and acoustic-electrical adaptations, on with the Coastline S6 and Gull Cortege Agrestic.

You toilet pawl a subject in the package below to cut to a particular section, or plainly keep along recitation the Gull S6 reexamine.

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Where is the Gull S6 Made?

Handicraft in Canada, eh?

The Gull Guitar sword was constituted in 1982 as a subordinate of Godin Guitars, and their guitars are fabricated in the minor townspeople of La Patrie, Quebec, Canada.

The S6 is depart of Gull’s Pilot Serial, which the fellowship produced in club to progress recently guitars established along pilot Gull patterns. These patterns have been retooled to meet advanced touchstones of heavy and progress character. Godin and Gull guitars are fountainhead-lived throughout the manufacture for their excellent progress character and wondrous heavy.

Heavy and Chant

I’ll take a spirit at a change of lineaments and choices in this reexamine, but we all know the most significant wonder, then lease’s get compensate to it. How energies it heavy?!

By virtually all accounts, the Seagull S6 acoustic guitar provides great sound, with a warm, resonant tone, and impressive volume.

Gull Coastline s6 (titivate) – Photograph past sea yamaha under CC Past 2.0

The harmonics are gain, and the guitar proposes very fountainhead.

The s6 reconciles in a minuscule along the promising root, with a pleasant overall heavy. This flimsy skimpy towards the promising finish of the spectrum energies entail that the lour finish takes a meek murder, leaving a somewhat minuscule bluesy heavy.

Still, the S6 guitar hush leaves a high-character blue-finish and is surely corresponding to if not sound than most examples in this price array.

Many acoustic guitars apply titivate tops, but the apply of solid cedar woodwind hither solutions in a singular, dessert chant with a batch of heat.

The heavy is not at all tinny, and doesn’t heavy flatcar like many inexpensive acoustics do. It fathoms outstanding when fingerpicking, leaving a broad, melt heavy. Cedar tops very reflect when applied for finger style running.

It’s besides outstanding for thrumming, specially with a choice, with sound hold and a nice insidious twang.

Many guitarists feel that the Seagull S6 is better constructed and provides superior sound quality to the entry-level offerings from Gibson, Fender, and Yamaha.

You toilet get a feel of the S6’s excellent heavy character in this video:

Pattern and Progress

The Gull S6 is cunning applying an honor-gaining pattern, with a natural spirit that isn’t specially illusion, but leaves the show of character and soothe. It applies rampantly red woodwind for the backwards and roots, with a silver-folio maple neck, and rosewood clavier and span.

An acoustic guitar without a solid woodwind acme is a cope-surf for many guitarists, and this is a keystone component of this guitar’s expression.

Gull s6 – Pawl Movie to Tab Price along Virago

The Seagull S6 includes a pressure-tested, select solid wood cedar top, quite than the distinctive laminate titivate tops regained along many founder acoustic guitar examples. That typecast of inexpensive, level-titivate laminate organization admits subscript woodwind as depart of the expression, costing the musician in chant and rapport.

With the S6 you get high-character solid cedar with a pretty rig-annotate lacquer end. The apply of lacquer will avail the guitar rest and eld merely a minuscule sound, and leases the natural beauty of the woodwind reflect through.

The quiver of the twines creates heavy in a guitar, but the guitar acme runs an significant (and underestimated) function in magnifying the quivers. Solid tops plainly leave ample heavy in a full array than laminates.

In gain to the welfares to chant and protrusion, a solid acme toilet besides avail increment the guitar’s lifespan and retentive-terminus value.

The acme should be firm plenty to resist the perpetrating of the twines, but remain whippy plenty to thrill freely.

Nowadays, lease’s get technological for a second:

The S6 applies a image-activity corbel perch that deflects and reduces both means, appropriating allowances to be made to the neck in both guidances. It besides admits a counterbalanced Tusq crackpot & charge made past GraphTech, for bettered playability and chant. These lineaments besides leave bettered tuning all the way upwardly the neck.

In gain, the charge furrows in unlike guidances for unlike twines, which is a lineament regained largely along mellow-finish guitars.

The S6 does have a fairly thick neck.

It’s comfy but hush somewhat dense than many steel-twine acoustics. This could be a vexation if you have minor mitts, although many guitarists wear’t view this to be a major issuance. You will get applied to it formerly you have the suitable brawn retentiveness in stead. It merely takes praxis.

Some fingerpickers favor the full neck, but if you like running with a thinner neck, you could view opting the S6 Slender example rather.

The S6 has a minor than normal headstock, portion to maintain the twines consecutive. It besides enables them to detain in tune more systematically and for retentive stops of time. This sharpened headstock is besides outstanding for assailable tunings. Some multitudes lovemaking Gull’s singular headstock determine, while others cerebrate it spirits a minuscule weird.

Maintain in beware that cedar is a somewhat softer tonewood that can scratch or dent a little easier than other types of wood. It is besides more well struck past inordinate humidity.

Cedar tops tend to produce a warmer sound than spruce, and are a minuscule sullen visually. They toilet besides be a minuscule more forgiving for faults, which will avail you heavy sound, specially betimes along while you acquire the ins and outs of your guitar.

Lineaments and Examples

Gull S6 Pilot

The Gull s6 Pilot acoustic guitar is a dreadnought that presses 7.2 beats, and is reasonably bare-crams in terminuses of bonus lineaments. Still, the price, craft and chant overstep outlooks. It’s a guitar that finds natural in your mitts, and it spirits outstanding excessively.

It has a distinctive surmount duration of 25.5”, and a crackpot breadth of 1.8”.

The activity is readiness round the metier stratum, and toilet be applied compensate away of the package. You toilet have it loured a stung if you’re having incommode with the chords.

The Seagull S6 acoustic can be used to play any style of music, including blues, folk, country, bluegrass, and rock.

It mostly fathoms sound with alight-bore twines, though of class this finally counts along your personal taste.

The overall determine of Gull’s dreadnought guitars was planned to be somewhat minor than a distinctive dreadnought. The solution is a minor simplification to the “boomy” component of acoustic heavy that besides avails shuffle them an excellent selection for transcription.

The touchstone example energies not admit a cutaway or whatsoever electronics, although these are both uncommitted along unlike variances of the S6.

Gull S6 Slender

The Gull s6 Pilot Slender adaptation is fundamentally the same guitar, exclude that it’s got a thinner neck, with a crackpot breadth of 1.72” (same as the Gull Deluxe parlour). It’s an choice to view for multitudes with minor mitts.

Another insidious remainder of the Gull S6 Slender adaptation is the apply of ointment dressing.

If you program to do a batch of fingerpicking, you may finally favor that minuscule stung of supernumerary distance along the clavier left past the S6 Pilot. But if you decidedly like a minor neck, or have minor mitts and program to run a batch of chords, the Pilot Slender is a sound option.

Gull S6 Pilot Q1

The Gull s6 Pilot Q1 is the acoustic-electrical adaptation of the S6 Pilot. It applies a Godin Quantum single generator getaway organization, with tractable charge transducer and root-bestrode electronics leaving bulk, basso, and threefold controllers. The EQ controller array and frequency were planned to leave a ample, broad heavy. The Q1 besides admits a digital chromatic radio with Contributed expose.

If you’re in the commercialize for an acoustic-electrical, you toilet besides tab away our Taylor 110e reexamine for another outstanding choice.

Gull Coastline S6

An extra variance is the Gull Coastline S6 acoustic guitar.

The main remainder hither is that rather of a solid cedar acme, the Gull Coastline S6 applies a choose solid titivate woodwind acme rather. Titivate inclines to heavy promising than cedar, then if you’re sounding for a promising heavy, specially in the high finish, this example may scene your inevitably. Mention that titivate tops are a minuscule firm than cedar and may not have as practically rapport at low, although they do relax upwardly over time.

The size and specs of the fixture Coastline S6 are the same as the S6 Pilot, though Gull offerings a Slender example, a 12-twine choice, and a Q1 acoustic-electrical adaptation of this guitar as fountainhead.

Gull Cortege Agrestic

Gull Cortege Agrestic – Pawl Movie to Tab Price along Virago

The Gull Cortege Agrestic is a really chill sounding guitar.

The pattern was established along the Gull s6 Pilot Slender. Then it’s got the same slender neck visibility with a 1.72” crackpot breadth, and has a exchangeable torso style, solid cedar acme, rampantly red backwards and roots, maple neck, and rosewood span and clavier.

The main betraying gunpoints hither are the beautiful Agrestic Collapse usance shine end and ointment image dressing. Still, thither are besides flimsy variances in the pattern, and some multitudes find that it’s got a promising overall heavy than the S6 Pilot.

It surely has a classifiable warm and insidious chant all its possess.

Thither are respective unlike adaptations of the Gull Cortege Agrestic uncommitted if you’re sounding for an acoustic-electrical, a cutaway, or a deluxe orchestra torso style rather.

Gull S6 vs Yamaha FG700s (and FG800)

If you’re sounding for an submission-stratum acoustic guitar, you may besides be viewing the Yamaha FG700s. As we have discoursed, the S6 is universally involved as a outstanding guitar, and will leave you with somewhat forte, fuller heavy and sound chant than the Yamaha FG700s. Organism mitt-cunning in Canada, they besides have a gain vantage in progress character over the Yamahas, which are mill-created in Chinaware.

Take mention that the FG700s has nowadays been quit, since Yamaha’s 800 Serial was unveiled in betimes 2016. Tab away our Yamaha FG800 Reexamine for more information.

The S6 decidedly fathoms sound than the Yamaha when it derives to fingerpicking, whereas it’s a stung of a secretive contest when it derives to thrumming chords. (To our spikes, the Gull wins hither as fountainhead).

If you’re along a fast budget, still, the Yamaha is surely worth pickings a spirit at. It’s a solid founder acoustic, and a minuscule inexpensive than the S6. It’s made with a solid Sitka titivate acme (quite than cedar) that may not be rather as loose to price, and besides has a minor crackpot breadth of 1.68”.

Either one would shuffle a finely founder guitar.

But without taking cost into consideration, the Seagull S6 is the clear winner.

In fact, we find that it’s worth compensating a minuscule supernumerary nowadays for the victor guitar, a determination that you will most probable apprize downwards the route.

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