Taylor 110e Review (2017) – Why the Change to Walnut Back – Sides

Taylor 110e Reexamine (2017) – Why the Variety to Walnut Backwards & Roots?

Taylor 110e Reexamine (2017)

A batch of guitarists very jab Taylor guitars.

They’re fountainhead-lived for their agio heavy and progress character, and the Taylor 110e is no elision.

In this Taylor 110e reexamine, I’ll excuse how this dreadnought acoustic-electrical guitar leaves character and value through its singular combination of heavy, progress and pattern components. I’ll besides point the changes Taylor made to the 110e for 2017, admitting the variety to level walnut backwards and roots.

It’s an excellent selection for both founder and intermediate guitarists, but toilet be savoured past merely well – nigh anyone.

And it’s the chic way to get that Taylor chant.

The Taylor 110e acoustic-electrical guitar is depart of the Taylor 100 Serial, and merely another in a retentive trace of high-character Taylor guitars.

If you’re sounding for the Taylor 110 acoustic guitar, delight mention that the 110e is the same guitar, merely with lent electronics to magnify the heavy. The Taylor 110 is no retentive in product, and may be strong to regain as a solution.

If you’re merely start away, the 110e would decidedly shuffle a outstanding dispatcher guitar – it’s got slayer heavy, a dilute neck, and should be quick to run compensate away of the package.

Taylor guitars are viewed loose to run for a founder than some other guitar examples due to the dilute neck and blue activity. This example leases you run both acoustically, and secured in when you want some supernumerary bulk.

You toilet pawl the package below to cut to a finical section, or merely keep recitation this Taylor 110e reexamine.

Where is the Taylor 110e Made?

Taylor Guitars was constituted in 1974, and has suit one of the acme makers of agio guitars in the populace. They’re lived for their advanced portmanteau of advanced engineering and traditional guitar cunning, with an care to point that is second to none. Fellowship father Cork Taylor is fountainhead involved throughout the guitar populace as an pioneer who systematically creates high-character acoustic guitars.

Taylor guitars are fabricated in two steads, either at their main mill in El Cajon, Ca, or at a second complex situated in Tecate, Mexico.

The Heavy and the Ferocity

The Taylor 110e is the chic, inexpensive way to feel that populace-celebrated Taylor chant.

It’s got outstanding playability and find, with a robust heavy that remains smoothen yet at increased bulk. In fact, it’s got all the foundations addressed, with telling blue-finish power, a punchy mid-array, and laconic highs.

The ample, poised chant shuffles it outstanding for transcription, and it’s got potent protrusion and bulk for dwell operations.

The Taylor 110e has a solid Sitka titivate acme with scalloped X-steadying, and level walnut backwards and roots.

It toilet be applied as a cycle guitar, as it reacts highly fountainhead to flatpicking and alight-to-leaden thrumming. Still, mention that it may be a minuscule decrepit when it derives to coast guitar.

The acoustic-electrical electronics very shuffle this guitar whistle. The 110 fathomed outstanding as fountainhead, but it gets taken to another stratum with the 110e, where you’ll heavy forte and gain without torture or bombinate. Of class, you toilet deliberately hold torture with a bicycle if you desire to.

In 2017, Taylor altered the woodwind applied for the backwards and roots from laminate sapele over to level walnut. They besides made flimsy changes to the pattern for increased kinetics.

Level woodwind backwards and roots mostly wear’t have a major wallop along chant, but some guitarists do find that the walnut has inserted a insidious uptick in heavy character to the Taylor 110e. Walnut is a cadaver, stiff woodwind, and avails leave lent protrusion and crisper highs, on with a thick, woody heavy.

The apply of walnut besides altered the spirit, for the sound: it’s a really pretty guitar.

Tab away this YouTube video to heed to the Taylor 110e in activity:

Progress and Pattern

The Taylor 110e is a broad-sized dreadnought guitar with a high-character progress and varnish end. Taylor merely shuffles agio pawns, and it displays in the net merchandise.

Taylor qualified their dreadnought determine in 1997 to yield the curves at the acme and penetrate. In 2003, they lent some elaborations to the steadying. These varieties increased the overall bulk and basso reaction without sacrificing clearness or remainder.

The Taylor 110e is made with a solid Sitka spruce top, and level walnut backwards and roots. It has a sapele neck and sable clavier and span. The surmount duration is 25.5”, and it admits a Nubone crackpot and Tusq charge, an adjustable corbel perch and pall-roll chrome radios. The crackpot breadth of 1.68”.

For high-character acoustic guitar expression and heavy, a solid woodwind acme is an substantive ingredient for sound chant and rapport.

Sitka titivate is a obtuse, directly-caryopsis woodwind that is really firm, leaving the typecast of quiver that contributes to outstanding heavy character. A solid woodwind acme is the keystone ingredient of an acoustic guitar torso that you wear’t desire to compromise along.

It’s outstanding to have an acoustic guitar made of all solid woodwind when potential, but you seldom regain that in guitars that cost under $1000.

If you’re going to compromise, doing then for the woodwind applied along the backwards and roots of the guitar is the sound way to do it.

In this lawsuit, the level backwards and roots are a sensible compromise, portion maintain costs downwards and besides affording the guitar supernumerary resiliency against redundant humidity. Positive, thither is more sour affected in pickings wish of an all solid woodwind guitar in the retentive rivulet.

Lineaments and Choices

Taylor 110e

The 110e is a various guitar that toilet be applied for fundamentally whatsoever style of euphony, admitting contemporaneous, sway, bluegrass, wind, tribe, land and the blues.

The 110e admits a progressed-in ES2 getaway situated under the charge, with bulk, threefold and basso controllers along the root of the guitar, on with an onboard ampere. (Taylor promoted their premature ES-T getaway organization to the ES2 organization in 2016).

The organization is powered with a 9-volt barrage, and is single-generator with separate components readiness upwardly for each twine, sporting dynamical reaction and usance-sonant EQ.

The getaway besides has a feedback controller Stage Shift interior the soundhole. Whatsoever time you feel redundant feedback, you plainly range in and riffle the shift to the other position.

The activity along this guitar is intentionally readiness blue at the mill, and toilet be ran compensate away of the package. The neck is thinner and minute than many other guitars in this price array, admitting the Gull S6.

Taylor 110

As referred, the 110 is the claim same acoustic guitar as the 110e, but without the lent electronics. It is no retentive in touchstone product at Taylor, and as a solution toilet be unmanageable to regain.

Taylor 110ce

The 110ce is basically the same guitar as the 110e, but with a Venetian cutaway leaving a minuscule loose access to the mellow frets.

Taylor 110 vs 114

Taylor 114ce – Pawl Movie to Tab Price along Virago

As referred, the 110/110e example is a broad size dreadnought determine. The Taylor 114 example applies the Deluxe Auditorium torso determine rather. Some multitudes regain Deluxe Auditorium guitars a minuscule loose to run, and they may create a somewhat minuscule firm basso reaction. Overall, the heavy and chant will hush be really exchangeable.

Taylor 114ce

The Taylor 114ce is besides an acoustic-electrical guitar, integrating the Deluxe Auditorium torso determine of the 114 example. It has a Venetian cutaway, and admits the same level walnut backwards and roots and ES2 electronics regained along the Taylor 110e.

Taylor 114e

The 114e is the same guitar as the 114ce, but without the cutaway.

  • inexpensive way to feel that Taylor chant
  • outstanding heavy crosswise the room, with firm basso, laconic mid-array, and gain high-finish heavy
  • run acoustically, or magnify your heavy
  • beautiful guitar
  • solid Sitka titivate acme
  • heavy character will keep to better as the woodwind in the acme grows
  • outstanding playability and find
  • toilet be applied for transcription and dwell operations
  • character getaway and ampere
  • utilitarian spear handbag admitted
  • tonic character is missing somewhat equated to mellow-finish Taylor examples
  • while the end is sound, it’s bettered upon somewhat in the Taylor 200 Serial
  • may be a minuscule decrepit for coast guitar

What is the Taylor 110e Price?

The price of the Taylor 110e normally derives in someplace round $700. This admits the guitar and electronics, on with a spare spear handbag. The Taylor 110e derives outfitted with Taylor’s ES2 getaway/ampere, which is an rise over the premature ES-T organization.

The spear handbag isn’t merely a stroke-in either, it’s a character guitar handbag with a storming sum of padding that you will really desire to apply. Positive, it spirits chill.

Who Should Get a Taylor 110e?

It’s a sound catch for a guitarist sounding for an acoustic-electrical guitar with ample, poised heavy, that singular Taylor chant and firm protrusion. Taylor guitars aren’t inexpensive, but the 110e is Taylor’s submission-stratum oblation and hush a agio pawn.

If the Taylor 110e is away of your price array, view a Yamaha FG830 rather.

In terms of overall value, this just might be the best Taylor guitar for the money on the market today.

Surely thither are meliorations to be regained in Taylor’s 200 and 300 Serial, but with guitars the police of decreasing homecomings recoils in as the price goes upwardly. You may get a 5-15% increment in heavy and chant character, but at doubly the price. Whether that’s worth it or not counts along your spikes, and your notecase.

Multitudes who have been running guitar for many twelvemonths will more well observance these flimsy upticks in heavy character, and if you’ve ran many acoustic and electrical guitars over the twelvemonths and very desire to take a gradation upwardly, you may desire to view the Taylor 310 rather.

But if you’re merely start away, need a character acoustic-electrical guitar, or desire access to that Taylor heavy without outlay a lot, the Taylor 110e is a arrant scene.

The sound, tone and projection that comes out of this guitar is fantastic.

And the electronics take it to another stratum. You toilet run acoustic guitar, or ampere upwardly when you need more bulk and protrusion.

It besides has a beautiful, fashionable spirit.

Whether you merely desire to run a few songs in your chamber, do some transcription, run to a dwell hearing, or inflame upwardly the neighbors, the Taylor 110e is various plenty to cover whatsoever of these sites with informality.

(Mention: We wear’t really urge applying this guitar to inflame upwardly your neighbors. At minuscule not really much. We’re indisputable they’re really nice multitudes formerly you get to know them).

Final Word: The Smart Way to Get That Taylor Tone.

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