Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Review (2017) Domo Arigato for the Yamaha FG800

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reexamine (2017): Domo Arigato for the Yamaha FG800

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Overview – Yamaha FG800 Reexamine (Positive Broad 800 Serial)

Promptly wonder: are you in the commercialize for a Yamaha acoustic guitar? If you supposed yes, the Yamaha FG800 inevitably to be along your radar.

In this Yamaha FG800 reexamine, you’ll acquire why their recently 800 Serial leaves outstanding value crosswise the room, with excellent heavy, chant and progress character. I’ll besides leave elaborate entropy well – nigh late varieties made to the overall heavy of Yamaha acoustic guitars.

Yamaha guitars have been a democratic selection for founder and intermediate guitar musicians for twelvemonths, and the conclude why is elementary: they offering character guitars with outstanding heavy at affordable prices.

The Yamaha 800 Serial was published in betimes 2016 to substitute their 700 Serial of acoustic guitars.

And the FG800 is the verbatim successor for the acme-betraying Yamaha FG700s, with a exchangeable spirit, find, heavy and progress.

Still, some concerning rises have been made.

Yamaha vamped the way they pattern acoustic guitar tops, lending scalloped steadying to increment quiver for raised heavy character and bulk, specially in the blue (basso) and mid-array. This typecast of steadying is a lineament normally regained along more expensive guitars.

The finish solution is a radical of high-character acoustic (and acoustic-electrical) guitars with sound heavy at exchangeable cost.

If you’ve got some time to show, you’ll regain a batch of elaborate entropy well – nigh the Yamaha FG800 below, on with broad points well – nigh the 800 Serial of Yamaha guitars.

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Odds are you’ve credibly tried of Yamaha. It’s a monolithic fellowship that industries a batch of unlike merchandises, but one matter they’re fountainhead lived for is qualification character acoustic guitars. Many multitudes wear’t know that Yamaha really commenced away qualification pianofortes and reed harmoniums in the belated 1800s, and they have a retentive chronicle of cunning musical pawns.

Yamaha produced their FG trace of acoustic guitars in the 1960s, and have fabricated over 200 unlike FG examples over the twelvemonths. The 800 Serial remembers the 50 th anniversary since the low affordable Yamaha acoustic guitar was inserted in 1966, the FG 180.

For anyone searching a character acoustic guitar with a solid woodwind acme at a blue price, the Yamaha fg700s was a outstanding scene for a retentive time, and one of the sound-betraying acoustic guitars in the populace for twelvemonths. It made an excellent selection as a dispatcher guitar that could be ran through the intermediate stratum as fountainhead.

Yamaha’s 800 Serial guitars are made in Chinaware, but the mill is possessed and controlled past Yamaha, enabling them to controller the product and maintain character touchstones high.

For an acoustic guitar to produce high-quality sound, the most important factor by far is a solid wood top.

Most inexpensive guitars apply laminated woodwind throughout the guitar’s pattern, admitting the acme. This enables makers to shuffle and betray guitars at a inexpensive price, applying lour character woodwind and wanting minuscule care to detail in the fabricating operation.

The trouble is that laminated woodwind is rather cadaver, ensuing in minuscule quiver of the guitar acme. This contributes to minuscule rapport and bulk, and a lour character chant.

Thither are many inexpensive guitars away thither, and some are yet adequate values that create fairly sound heavy like the Jasmine s35. Hush, it’s merely not the same without a solid acme. A founder may not observance a tremendous remainder betimes along, but subsequently running for a while and explicating an spike for guitar chant, it will suit detectable.

Ideally you would desire an all solid woodwind guitar. Still, these cost a batch more money, and if a compromise is needed to maintain the costs downwards, applying a partly laminated backwards and roots on with a solid woodwind acme is the sound way to heavy outstanding while retention a few hitches in your notecase.

Yamaha 800 Serial Overview

The 800 Serial of Yamaha acoustic guitars was unveiled in betimes 2016. It admits a radical of broad-size acoustic dreadnoughts uncommitted in a change of tonewoods and colors (Yamaha FG Serial), as fountainhead as a radical of minor “concert size” guitars with a thinner orchestra-style determine (Yamaha FS Serial).

The 800 Serial admits largely acoustic guitars, although respective examples besides have an acoustic-electrical adaptation. I’ll respite downwards all the unlike choices uncommitted below.

Yamaha stationed their Explore and Growth technology team backwards to the drafting room to qualify the pattern.

They produced package to psychoanalyse how a guitar’s steadying affects the heavy produced past the acme, and applied the solutions to maximize heavy and chant character.

The 800 Serial guitars are hush rather exchangeable to the 700 Serial (this trace has nowadays been quit).

The major difference in this new Yamaha acoustic guitar design is the use of a scalloped bracing pattern, a technique usually reserved for higher-end guitars.

The steadying is specifically contoured, ensuing in a igniter guitar acme with supernumerary quiver. This affords you extra rapport, bulk and hold.

As a solution of these changes, the 800 Serial Yamaha guitars have sound overall chant which is specially detectable in the blue and mid-arrays.

Due to the solid woodwind acme, the tonic character will keep to increment as the woodwind grows, portion the guitars continue their value, and heavy yet sound over time.

FG Serial (Tribe Guitar)

Yamaha FG800

The FG800 Yamaha acoustic guitar is the flagship example of the 800 Serial (and the verbatim successor for the democratic Yamaha FG700s).

And it’s a outstanding acoustic guitar.

It’s a broad-size dreadnought with a solid Sitka titivate woodwind acme, and nato/okume laminate backwards and roots. Its nato woodwind neck is well – nigh average heaviness, with a somewhat minor crackpot breadth for an loose handle than the neck regained along a rival like the Gull S6.

All guitars in the 800 Serial admit a rosewood clavier and span.

Yamaha FG800: Pawl the Movie to Tab Price along Virago

Heavy and Chant

The Yamaha FG800 is a playfulness guitar to run with excellent bulk and protrusion. It detains in tune rather fountainhead, and is sound for both finger running and thrumming chords.

The scalloped steadying avails afford these guitars a singular persona, and they nowadays have a more poised overall heavy than their predecessors, which inclined to be a minuscule decrepit in the mid-array. The basso reaction is bettered as fountainhead, nowadays forte and punchier.

The FG800 toilet heavy a minuscule promising at times, but has a gain, ample, melt chant overall.

It has more of a dwell, assailable find to the heavy than that regained in the Yamaha FG700s.

The enhanced sound and projection make this guitar a serious contender in its price range.

The video below will afford you a promptly heed to the Yamaha FG800’s character heavy:

Progress and Pattern

The Yamaha FG800 acoustic guitar has a traditional spirit: nothing illusion, merely elementary and pretty. Of class, thither are rather a few unlike end choices uncommitted, then you should be capable to regain the compensate spirit for you.

It’s a broad-size dreadnought with a surmount duration of 25.5” and a crackpot breadth of 1.69”. It has 20 frets and pall-roll chrome radios. The crackpot and charge are made with urea (a typecast of plastic). While they heavy sound as is, you toilet rise these factors for a flimsy uptick in overall heavy character if hoped.

The torso end is annotate, while the neck has a matte end, qualification your mitts minuscule probable to “perplex”. It besides admits a chill negro dressing.

The activity is readiness a minuscule high for some multitudes. These guitars are playable compensate away of the package, although having the guitar “readiness upwardly” may shuffle it heavy yet sound and loose to run, counting along your personal tastes. It’s a outstanding guitar as is, but a few fine – tunes toilet shuffle it heavy yet sound. Merely something to maintain in beware for downwards the route.

A child ailment from some guitarists is that thither is no stud along the 3 cherry stew.

The main end style applied for the Yamaha FG800 is called Natural, and it’s a elementary traditional spirit. It’s besides uncommitted in the pursuit end choices:

Yamaha FG800 vs FG700s

Photograph from Pixabay

The FG800 substituted the FG700s in betimes 2016. They are really exchangeable in terminuses of size, pattern, and overall heavy.

As discoursed antecedently, due to the gain of scalloped steadying, the FG800 has bettered basso and mid-array reaction, positive increased bulk and protrusion. Thither is besides more of an receptiveness to the heavy than tried in the FG700s. The neck pattern has been fine – tuned a minuscule stung as fountainhead.

If you have a Yamaha FG700s in sound determine, you wear’t need to go hiing away to substitute it. They are hush character guitars that heavy sound and are fountainhead-progressed.

But if you’re equating the two, the Yamaha FG800 is a sound looking guitar.

Yamaha FG800m

The fixture FG800 has a annotate torso end, and matte neck. Yamaha besides shuffles an all-matte adaptation of this guitar as fountainhead, the Yamaha FG800m. It’s got a dilute natural satin matte end throughout and is the same guitar, with merely a somewhat unlike spirit and find.

Yamaha FG820

Yamaha FG820 Sundown Blue – Pawl Movie to Tab Price

The FG820 is a verbatim successor for the FG720. The 800 Serial examples discoursed below are all rather exchangeable to the FG800 (exclude for the FG850), applying the same solid Sitka titivate acme and rosewood clavier and span, with rival size and the same factors. The main remainder is the typecast of woodwind applied to concept the guitar’s backwards and roots.

For model, the Yamaha FG820 has laminate mahogany backwards and roots (quite than nato/okume regained along the FG800). It’s besides got ointment plastic dressing on the torso and clavier.

The apply of mahogany affords the guitar a somewhat heater heavy.

The FG820 is uncommitted in the pursuit end styles:

Yamaha FG830

Yamaha FG830 Fall Collapse – Pawl Movie to Tab Price

The Yamaha FG830 (which substitutes the FG730) is a broad-size dreadnought with the same solid Sitka titivate acme, lineaments and size.

It’s main betraying gunpoint is the laminate rosewood backwards and roots, which leave ample, alcoholic overtones and sound hold.

Rosewood is a minuscule more “squishy” than other typecasts of woodwind, and mostly doesn’t have practically inner breaking, contributing to ample overtones and a more complex penetrate finish.

Thrumming fathoms merely a minuscule ample overall. It’s got more comprehensiveness and astuteness to the heavy for both chords and single mention running, and a somewhat sullen chant.

The FG830 merely fathoms outstanding.

It has ointment dressing round the torso, neck and headstock, affording it a nice posh spirit.

It’s uncommitted in the pursuit styles:

Yamaha FG840

The FG840 (which substitutes the FG740) is exchangeable to the other guitars we have already discoursed, with the same, size, determine, lineaments and solid titivate acme.

The keystone remainder hither is the apply of flared maple laminate for the backwards and roots. This leaves a more crystalline poised heavy, where each mention is gain and concise for cleaning or thrumming. It besides has a minuscule minuscule hold than most of these other examples.

The FG840 besides has ointment dressing along the torso, neck and headstock, and is uncommitted in merely one end: Natural.

Yamaha FG850

Yamaha FG850 Mahogany – Pawl Movie to Tab Price

Endure but not minuscule is the Yamaha FG850.

This one is recently to the 800 Serial of Yamaha acoustic guitars, and energies not substitute anything from the 700 Serial.

Same size and determine as the others, but this guitar has a solid mahogany woodwind acme (rather of titivate), on with laminate mahogany backwards and roots.

The dressing is mahogany and ointment, affording the FG850 a pretty line and amazing spirit.

This guitar has a more woody heavy than the Yamaha FG800, with oodles of heat. The chant is specially ample in the mid-array.

The merely end choice hither is Natural Mahogany.

Yamaha FG820-12 (12-Twine)

The FG820 guitar (with its solid titivate acme and mahogany backwards and roots) besides has a 12-twine (compensate handed) adaptation uncommitted, with a promising, ample chant and excellent clearness.

Natural is the merely end choice uncommitted.

Yamaha FG820L (Lefthanded)

Thither is besides a Lefthanded adaptation of the Yamaha FG820 uncommitted, merely uncommitted in Natural end.

FS Serial (Tribe Smallbody)

Yamaha FS800 Sandpaper Collapse – Pawl Movie to Tab Price along Virago

The dreadnought is the most democratic acoustic guitar size along the commercialize, and has been for twelvemonths. Still, some multitudes favor minor guitars that are loose to halt and run, and besides have a somewhat minuscule boomy overall heavy (distinctive of most dreadnoughts).

If that concerns you, you may desire to view an FS concert-size Yamaha acoustic guitar rather. Thither are presently 4 examples uncommitted (elaborate below). These FS guitars are minor in breadth and astuteness than the FG guitars, with an orchestra -style torso determine.

These unambiguously planned guitars really have a shallower astuteness in the upper turn than the lour turn, qualification them yet loose to envelop your sleeves round. And the scene and end is prominent.

Yamaha’s FG and FS guitars heavy pretty exchangeable, with some insidious remainders. The bombastic dreadnoughts are past default forte, promising and boomier. The FS800 is a minor guitar, but hush perceptibly forte than the previous FS700 thanks to the recently scalloped steadying pattern. Merely like the FG guitars, these minor FS examples lineament bettered basso and mid-array heavy, and a minuscule supernumerary bulk.

Yamaha FS800

The FS guitars are exchangeable to the FG examples in their expression, other than the slenderized size. The surmount duration is merely somewhat minor at 25” (equated to 25.5” for the FG), and the crackpot breadth is the same at 1.69”. The FS800 torso is 10mm thinner than the FS700.

The Yamaha FS800 is made with a Sitka titivate solid acme, nato/okume backwards & roots, and rosewood span and clavier. It has a nato woodwind neck with matte end, and annotate end along the guitar torso itself. It besides lineaments pall-roll chrome radios, negro dressing, and urea crackpot and charge.

The FS800 is a outstanding selection for founders, and multitudes with minor borders, or anyone who merely favors a minor guitar torso. They are besides a outstanding scene for intermediate to upper-stratum guitarists who savour finger-cleaning in the upper stratum frets of the guitar.

It has a smoothen, poised heavy and focused chant, with a ample mid-array. It toilet be applied for anything from practicing to dwell operations to transcription.

The Yamaha FS800 is uncommitted in these end choices:

Yamaha FS820

The FS820 is rather exchangeable to the FS800, with the same lineaments and pattern components. The main remainder hither is the laminate mahogany backwards and roots (quite than nato/okume backwards and roots), leaving a minuscule lent heat to the heavy.

The 820 is uncommitted with these end selections:

Yamaha FS830

Yamaha FS830 Twilight Sunbathe Cherry – Pawl Movie to Tab Price

The FS830 is the merely 800 Serial guitar uncommitted in a chill Twilight Sunbathe Cherry vividness. The main remainder hither is the apply of rosewood laminate backwards and roots. Like the Yamaha FG830, this guitar has a broad deep heavy with a outstanding ample chant, and lots of hold. Merely a very chill vibe.

End selections are:

*** Mention that thither is no FS adaptation of the FG840 flared maple guitar.

Yamaha FS850

Like the FG850, the Yamaha FS850 is made with a solid mahogany woodwind acme (quite than the solid titivate acme regained along the other examples), and mahogany laminate backwards and roots.

Outstanding spirit, warm woody heavy.

Reflects for fingerpicking.

Uncommitted merely in Natural end.

Yamaha FGX / FSX (Acoustic-Electrical)

Yamaha FSX800C – Pawl Movie to Tab Price

Yamaha besides produced acoustic-electrical adaptations of all of their 800, 820 and 830 FG and FS guitar examples. They all have a cutaway to leave loose access to the upper frets.

These guitars are precisely the same as the acoustic adaptations, but with lent electronics (and the cutaway).

The determination fundamentally derives downwards to which guitar determine you favor (the FG dreadnought or the FS concert-size), and the typecast of woodwind you desire in the guitar’s backwards and roots: nato for the 800’s, mahogany for the 820s, or rosewood for the 830s.

Like everything else well – nigh this guitar trace, the electronics applied hither are sound character and leave excellent value for this price. They apply a System66 + SRT (Under-Charge) piezo getaway organization, which admits a 3-ring EQ and chromatic radio, and is powered past AA-barrages.

If you’re sounding to magnify your dreadnought heavy, you toilet buy a Yamaha FGX800C (uncommitted in Natural, Negro, Sandpaper Collapse), FGX820C (Natural or Negro) or FGX830C (Natural, Negro).

If you favor the minor concert-size guitar rather, opt either a Yamaha FSX800C (Natural, Sandpaper Collapse, Crimson Cherry), FSX820C (Natural, Brownish Sunburst) or FSX830C (Natural, Brownish Sunburst).

Professionals (Yamaha FG800)

  • awesome price
  • broad ample heavy
  • solid woodwind acme
  • sound protrusion
  • pronounce
  • reproducible
  • playfulness to run
  • sound find
  • detains in tune

Victimizes (Yamaha FG800)

  • activity is a minuscule high
  • no stud along 3 cherry stew

With the 800 Serial, Yamaha has successfully produced a radical of guitars that importantly away-execute their price.

The Yamaha FG800 is not an expensive guitar, but it kinda spirits and fathoms like one.

You could determine downwards the route to tab away more agio choices, but you gained’t need to rise for rather a while.

Yamaha acoustic guitars have been a outstanding selection for founders for twelvemonths, and the Yamaha FG800 checks away all the packages. It’s got outstanding heavy, character progress, and a really sensible price for what you get, admitting that solid woodwind acme that will raise the heavy and keep to better over time (merely like your guitar skills).

Ripe musicians will observance insidious remainders between the 800 Serial guitars and more expensive singles, but they are hush character guitars in all facets and a solid investiture as a second choice or travelling guitar.

Thither are inexpensive guitars away thither that are adequate values. And thither are more expensive guitars away thither that leave sound overall character.

But when you take everything into consideration, including the smart design, enhanced sound, quality build, solid wood top, and price, the Yamaha FG800 is one of the best guitar values on the market.

Like Godzilla rampaging through Tokyo, the 800 Series Yamaha guitars may prove to be unstoppable in this price range.

This is a guitar you’ll desire to maintain within range for a really retentive time.

Net Formulate: Awesome Value.

With excuses to James Adhesiveness … You merely dwell formerly!

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